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During 2017, the laboratory fees for the ACTH blood test to detect Cushing’s Disease are free to horse owners in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. These tests will help assist early identification of Cushing’s Disease in laminitis prone horses and ponies.

These vouchers may be downloaded by a veterinary practice or horse owner. Only one voucher may be claimed per horse. The horse must not have been previously diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. This offer is only available in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, and may only be redeemed through participating veterinary practices. Full terms and conditions are printed on the voucher.

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First Name: * Age (to nearest year):
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Grey Non-grey
Tel-Mobile: Current or previous clinical signs
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* Email: No clinical signs
* Address: Currently suffering from/or previous history of laminitis
Muscle wastage
Supraorbital fat (fat around the eyes)
* Postcode/County: Drinking excessively
Confirmation (choose one) Urinating excessively
I confirm I am a veterinary surgeon (or representative of) Long abnormal hair coat/
Delayed hair coat shedding
I confirm I am the horse owner Recurrent infections

Talk About Laminitis

Talk About Laminitis is a national disease awareness initiative provided by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, to improve awareness and understanding of the underlying endocrine causes of laminitis.


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Symptom Gallery

Click on an image to open our gallery of some of the signs you may see if your horse has PPID.

These images are reproduced with the kind consent of Liphook Equine hospital, except image No. 3 which is reproduced with kind consent of Dr N. Frank.

Laminitic ringsHirsuit legsHirsuitismHirsuitism - weight lossEarly PPID coat changesBulging supraorbital padsCushings eye